At Home With The CEO H.G.

Since late February the world has been in a frenzy, the normal way of life that we once knew is no longer normal. The coronavirus pandemic shifted everything, Forcing people to stay at home and figure out new ways to not only get work done but rearrange their whole lives. Here at Masterclassnyc we managed to stay productive throughout the pandemic. Mostly because the new methods of productivity people are applying now is how we've been getting things done since day one. 

Here’s the CEO breaking down how we’ve managed to stay creative throughout it all.

Since the mandatory quarantine kicked in late February, tell the people what you’ve been up to and how have you been able to stay productive? 

HG: "We’ve been up to a lot, but first of all how crazy is 2020? This year has thrown all types of curveballs luckily we were prepared for most of them. I can’t front it's been tough to stay creative mainly because a lot of our content was based on going out and interacting with different people and fly places. This year forced us to pivot and revisit some of the old ways we did things. For example, creating content from scratch and not leaning on events or different things to make the content for us. This started out as a challenge but once we got in the groove of things it was like I was right back in my college dorm room. Making everyday life the content, that's when I started working on The Vibe Tapes II & Detale clothing. Being forced to be home got my creative juices flowing."

Since the pandemic forced us to stay home what does your day consist of?

HG: "My day is pretty simple depending on what I have to do. I wake up, shower, eat breakfast, spend a few minutes on Youtube & Instagram watching videos getting updated on things. Then I chill for a bit, then I get to work. One of the things this pandemic taught me is not to force anything but to let it come to me. Before I used to stress out thinking that I had to get certain things done by a certain time or it wouldn’t get done. Now I just let the process come to me. I’ve been creating at home since I first started so for me the pandemic didn’t affect that. It enhanced my creativity because I have more time to explore different things. No event to go to, no spot to hit up, nobody to go see so I have nothing but time to explore every aspect of my creativity."

You mentioned The Vibe Tapes II & Detale Clothing which one came first and which is the easiest & hardest to create? 

HG: "DETALE is definitely the hardest to create, its been a 3-year process to get to this point. Between figuring out the logo to finding a place to get the pieces done. Once the pieces are done getting the fit right trying different methods, coming up with different designs. I like creating things from scratch especially when it comes to clothing every piece has to be unique. That's why you see DETALE written out in different things like the wings & spaceships. It's like making music how many different flows & rhymes can I come up with to this beat. I start with the base which is the word DETALE then work from there. 

The music came first during this pandemic. The first thing I said when I heard mandatory quarantine & lockdown was welp let me go do what I do best. I love making music and The Vibe Tapes Series was birthed from being in a certain place and catching a vibe. Whatever I'm feeling at the time I put it all in the music. I was really missing this girl so that's what sparked the Vibe Tapes II that whole tape is about this one girl, I’ll let ya figure that out."

How has the covid pandemic affected your business & day to day?

HG: "It actually affected the business in a good way. Aside from not being able to interact with people the old fashion way it helped the business. People are shopping more & more online and that's where our business is based. Everything is online, I did a soft release of “In Real Life” album merch and that sold out immediately. Then I released The Vibe Tapes II & that went up crazy. People have more time to digest products. Sit & listen to music, or shop your brand. With people sitting at home on the computer or phone they get a chance to fully understanding the message or the experience you're trying to convey."

What have you learned from this time, any advice for moving forward? 

HG: "I learned to not take anything for granted and to constantly continue to evolve because times are changing at a rapid pace. I just started reading so that would be my advice, read. This quarantine has been tough on people’s mental health so I’ll say read more books make sure your energy is right. Make sure you're not stressing over what's next because all you can control is right now. I learned a lot about myself and the changes I want to apply to my life moving forward. It's been a time for self-discovery. Honestly, I'm excited to see what the present holds."

What are your best moments of this quarantine?

If you had to make a top 10

  1. My Birthday
  2. Dropping 3 Projects In One Year 
  3. Launching Detale Clothing
  4. Swizz Beatz & Timbaland Verzuz
  5. Spending Time with The Family
  6. Lakers Winning The NBA Championship
  7. D-nice Club Quarantine Live
  8. Starting The Bright Room IG Page
  9. Launching Slapz Records
  10. Seeing What The Present Holds.... Stay Tuned

One more question since you mentioned the future, give us a run down of what's out and what we have to look forward to?

HG: "Well right now In Real Life & The Vibe Tapes II are out now plus the whole catalog is streaming on every streaming service around the globe. We have the DETALE NYC F/W collection dropping by the time this interview is published. We also have The Vibe Tapes II (Deluxe Edition) coming to streaming services on November 20th. Our version of Tiny Desk airing on YouTube & IGTV coming as well. We also have the Balance Beat Tape by Hizelle4Prez that should be dropping soon, so we're working"


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