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Written By: Isaiah Rhodes

Hip hop and sports are very similar because of the competition factor. To truly be the best you have to believe you are the best regardless of who came before you or after you. Of course you have to be a student of the game, study the greats and establish your vision from the past. There also must be a  healthy respect for your contemporaries when it comes to awareness, but at the end of the day when you go for the number one spot you have to KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE BEST. All the work you put in is to build your confidence to SUPREME level. I Got it From Here is that declaration for MASTERCLASSNYC.

With H everything is top secret. So when he sent me a few tracks last month I didn't have any idea this was coming. 

Each track had a confidence and an audacity fitting of an artist entrenched in their creative zone. Two projects & seven magazines later the fly talk is effortless, and the boss talk is second nature, but what caught me is the real life applicability. From every show attended, every event sponsored or every magazine published and every piece of clothing sold... it's all in the music. To me that's the mark of a true artist. When they're able to apply real life into the art, creating a vessel for the consumer. The transparency lends itself to authenticity.

Of course there's the braggadocio that filled the golden era is there. You can hear it all throughout the album, but the beauty is in the feel.

When he says:

 "You trynna flex right? It'd be a hot 97 like it's 97 Biggie in the set right." I felt THE ENERGY-the type of energy necessary to endure the valleys and peaks of this game.  

When I listen to the album it takes me back to a time when DMX said: 

"I'm the best that ever did it, the best at it because I live it. How many niggas could eat it & shit it? You cats want it? Come and get it."

 This verse was form "Some X Shit" released off of  Ryde or Die Vol. 1 released in 1999. It's only fitting there would be a track called "X Prayer"  and 17 years later those emotions still resonate.  It's not meant to disrespect, just the belief in the work put forth day in and day out. The sleepless nights chasing perfection, mastering the highest quality. Look no further than the intro:

"It ain't just about bars, shit is deeper than that.
Greatest of all time when I'm speaking the facts. Turn water to wine, that's the gift God blessed me with cause I can take anything and turn it into everything" 

If that's not Supreme I don't know what is.

I Got It From Here was put together to inspire the hustler spirit in all of us. As the times change, the mindset remains the same: Go get it by any means. Do not make excuses. Trust your vision and believe in those who believe in you. As you sit down and vibe with I GOT IT FROM HERE move with a purpose and pay attention. Don't say I didn't warn you!