Let me take you to 3 places at once! First we'll start off at the new AIME LEON DORE store 179 Mott Street. So fly! I loved this brand from the moment of it's inception! The aesthetics are too smooth, from the designs down the the color palette. I had to go check out the store, and the store is even flyer! 90s inspired art, music, its just a vibe! I suggest you hit that up too, its there until December 23rd!

Fly Right?! Aight we out to the Travis Scott Pop Up Shop at 127 Grand!

This was by far one of the CRAZYEST shit I've ever seen! Fuck the merch this guy is LIT forreal, Hops out a Uhaul truck! Got the kids in a frenzy! The rage is real bro! This dude got the youth! Salute! You good? Lets hit the new Nike Soho store real quick! See wassup in there!