Hebru Brantley Presents Dark Fiction: Flowers & Frogs

Dark Fiction: Flowers & Frogs explores the perception of the Black body - how it is presented, seen, and how it survives. In this work, Brontley finds a correlation between the beauty of flowers and the Black body, home fo beauty that is precious and vulnerable, often commoditized in the same way flowers are clipped for instant gratification, causing them to wither and die once removed from their soil. "Flowers ore also personal to me as I recollect my mother in the garden," says Brantley. " have memories of helping her tend the garden as a child and learning the delicate and precious nature of the various plants she was cultivating. A correlation is also drown between a tended garden and a community or household in the same context of the Black body, embodying both themes of nature and nurture, together."

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