Day In The Grind: DetaleNYC

Let me take you on a day in the grind with DetaleNYC. On this particular day, we were getting some bucket hats done. The process is a simple one, We like to get the bucket hats from the store as opposed to ordering online because you get to see what you're buying in person. We've been hitting the same spot in the city for some time now, it's a love-hate relationship until we find better hat manufacturers or we start producing them in-house. From the hat spot, I decided to hit up Soho to get some inspiration, walked thru Basquiat's old studio on my way to the new HBX store in Chinatown. The store is dope it's just too far for my liking. It's at the end of Chinatown on the east side. 

From there we headed back up top to our hat guy, top secret spot but if you ask we might tell you. Besides the design process, this is my favorite part of the process. Seeing your idea come to life is a feeling I wish everybody can experience. Going from thought to reality, it's amazing what the mind can do. Well, the machine ha, and that was a day in the grind. 

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