Happy Birthday To Me 💫 - @TheFlyestEver

Another lap around the sun 💫, what can I say I'm just grateful for it all. I'm just wishing for more life more love success, health, and wealth for not only myself but everyone. This is a year of elevation and shining and I'm not just saying that to say it, GOD said so (DJ Khaled Voice). They say we were all made in the image of GOD so why wouldn't we shine to our highest capability. At this age, I just want to LIVE! Get my shit off, travel, give love and receive love. I genuinely feel like it's my time to shine. 

 Now that I got that out the way we hit up flippers worldwide @ Rockefeller Center for a fly-ass skating day and it was fun! Thank you to the Lafamilia that came thru I appreciate ya to the max! Its Up and its never coming down! -HG

Usually we drop music every birthday but this time we decided to switch it up and drop new DETALE we dropped 3 different styles called the birthday pack its available now www.detalenyc.square.site you know it wouldn't be my birthday if we didn't give ya a gift! Get fly 

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