Trust The Process: The Cook Up

This an update we've been working! Ha no surprise there cooking up new shit. New music, new clothing new content. Its honestly been one of the most amazing processes ever. Just putting down ideas and making them come to life. Not forcing anything just putting down what I feel, want to see and experience. 

First off with the music I've been away for it for song long that my hunger for creating music is on another level. I feel that excitement I felt when I first started making music. First I start out with a concept and then I listen to beats, the first idea, melody, hook or bars I hear I lay them down. Its a mix of things that I've been wanting to get off my chest, new concepts and my classic fly as fuck content. The things I'm saying and the way I'm getting it off I couldn't have done this 5 years ago. 

Thats the beauty of growth and experience, you get to mix what you know with what you are learning. I'm experimenting with my sound especially my voice. Trying to push it to new levels, trying to be as honest as a possibly can but also making it relatable enough so that anyone can listen along. Its 100% me but and evolved version of everything I've already done. 

I need that P.R. that publicity trying to get my music to reach millions of people. Right now I'm focused on the creative process and making sure I get my shit off how I want. But I would be lying if I didn't think about that too. Especially because my twitter theflyestever_ is super viral! 

Do I mix my music into that, do I flood it, do I release a song week, who is going to shoot the videos. I need music videos these are my thoughts everyday! In due time this is where trusting the process comes in handy. Before I felt like I put my all into something and didn't get what I deserved. So this time I around I'm super focused! Trusting that what is suppose to happen will happen and the people the music is suppose to reach will be touched by it. But with my new perspective I'm fearless when it comes to selling my ideas, I will approach the person I feel can help me take my movement to the next level. Before I was hesitant. The music was amazing but I've always been a little weary of being in the spotlight. Not this time around I'm stepping into the light, this my Rhude year!  

Now with the clothing line Detale its going amazing we just released our winter collection. The funny part is I haven't even got to half of what we got in store for Detale. Not even 1/4 of the drip! I'm so excited for this Detale journey. The new designs are so fire! I'm constantly thinking of new designs, we have to take this to the next level. Shoutout to everyone on the Detale team.  


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