The Summit @ One Vanderbilt

The Summit at One Vanderbilt was a dope experience, Although and maybe they do have this in a separate package I wish it had views of the Northside of New York City. A 360 view of New York would've been amazing to see especially stepping out the elevator to the glass floor. But any-how it was fire! I love how they made a whole experience from the time you buy the ticket until the time to get upstairs, it was like a whole presentation. The summit offers amazing views of the Southside of Manhattan and surrounding areas like Brooklyn, some parts of Queens, and New Jersey. I especially enjoyed the views of the Empire State Building. 

I used my visit to do an impromptu shoot for the new DetaleNYC winter collection, while also showing my brother what New York City looks like from 65 floors up.

Ok, now let's get down the nitty-gritty, once you buy the ticket off the touchscreen monitor or online (if you're a New York City resident you get a nice discount) off the tickets. You go thru the security to this room where a video plays. Once you leave that room you get your picture taken to keep all your photos in one place after the visit is over. From there you go inside an all-glass elevator with music and lights playing all the way up. 

There were 3 floors the first floor was all glass mirrors with floor-to-ceiling windows, the reflection from the mirrors made the experience super trippy! On the 2nd floor was a balcony view to the first floor and also a balloon installation called "AIR" by Kenzo Digital and an art installation called Reflect, it was dope. The 3rd floor was the food area and an outside balcony.


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