Hizelle4Prez Presents: Balance Beat Tape

Balance Beat Tape


Balance is the 2nd installment of the Beat tape series started by Hizelle4Prez. The first release What A Phenomenon https://music.apple.com/us/album/what-a-phenomenon/1596015954 set the tone for what is easily becoming one of the best instrumental series out right now. This one is no different simply put Balance is a masterpiece from top to bottom. 

You can hear the growth from What A Phenomenon the first tape to this one Balance everything sounds elevated, way more thought and precision went into this project. 

The beats are super crispy, Hizelle seems to have found the balance between sampling but keeping the production very current. The instrumentals on Balance are so soulful they are hits in this era and in past eras. 

Timeless music, timeless production, and timeless hits. 

Hope you enjoy this masterpiece & if you’re an artist get your hits up & hit up @HizelleNYC 🔥 


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