HG Cinemas Film Review: No Time To Die, The Harder They Fall, Red Notice & King Richard

No Time To D : 007


No time is a cinematic masterpiece a perfect send-off for arguably the greatest James Bond since Sean Connery. 

First of all, this is the best cinematography I’ve probably ever seen in the movie. Cary Joji Fukunaga Does a spectacular job in shooting film, every scene looks like a picture from a magazine. Major shout out to the set team, the design team, the location Scouters, the wardrobe department, the editors, the music department everyone that was involved in making that movie look and sound the way that it does wow amazing job.

Now let’s get to the film.

This film was the perfect send-off for Daniel Craig’s James Bond series it does a perfect job of tying in all the loose ends. It picked up where Spectre left off. I thought spectre was a bit boring in my opinion had too much dialogue and scenes that just wasted time. In this film, no scene was wasted no line was unnecessary. Every part of the movie had a purpose and that was to tie up the story. It was an amazing film to watch, I especially enjoyed the references and how it paid homage to the Bonds of the past particularly with the cars and the gadgets. 

This is probably my Bond favorite movie since casino royale, Daniel Craig is just as dynamic here as he was then. The action scenes especially the car chase scene in the Aston Martin DB5 were fire. I truly enjoyed this film from start to finish. The introduction of the new 007 & the dynamic between the old school & the new school agent is amazing to watch. 

Shoutout to whoever decided to play Buju Baton Champion in Jamaica that was dope. 

The storyline consistent from the beginning of the Daniel Craig shows a man who wants but can’t have a perfect life. Heartbreak, losses, circumstances of the job always get in the way of his happy ending. This movie is no different just when you think he has it all figured out something gets in the way and it all crumbles. But what's different about this movie is that all his decisions are final there’s no coming back. 

The Harder They Fall


The harder they fall was a dope western flick. The storyline could’ve been a little stronger but the overall plot of the movie was decent. My favorite part of the movie was the individual acting performances of every actor. Regina King was exceptional in the role of Trudy. 

The cinematography was beautiful. The bullits did an amazing job in directing the film. We might ohave to watch it over because I hated the ending. 

Red Notice


Red notice was trash, no offense but I’m tired of the rock just playing different variations of himself absolutely no range at all.Maybe if it was a series it could’ve been more interesting. But on the other hand, I'm happy it was a movie to just get it over with. Ryan Reynolds is wild corny and his style of fake sarcasm comedy is annoying. The only bright spot of this movie is Gal Gadot and even then I wanted to turn it off. 

King Richard 


King Richard is a beautiful film about the father of two of the greatest athletes of all time Venus & Serena. I'm glad they were able to tell his story thru their lenses. Will Smith does an exceptional job playing Richard Williams, although I'm not a fan of his accents I like how they put it all together. 

Hollywood needs more stories like this because you barely get to see what or who propelled athletes and people to accomplish great things. 

The story was exceptional, and I hope it inspired young kids to pursue their dreams and take them to the highest level. 


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