Detale has been the most fly clothing brand to drop this year. From the t-shirts to the hats to the accessories no other brand has been consistently dropping dope designs throughout the year. It's amazing to see the progression of the brand from the first capsule collection to the latest one. The quality is unmatched, they're hitting on all the goals they set out in their mission statement. Detale short for Detalles means details in Spanish and that's exactly what they are paying attention to. The meticulous details that go into the design can only be compared to the way Richard Mille makes a watch or the Rolls Royce makes a car. Only a few hand-stitched products get made but the quality is outstanding. The hats sell out every time and the t-shirts get a double-take every time. When you wear Detale clothing someone is always asking "hey where did you get that from" it's an amazing feeling. Detale is slowly building a cult following similar to brands like Supreme or early Bape, it's on an "if you know, you know" basis.

From the hats to the t-shirts the quality is really top tier. Every piece is designed to last 30 to 40 years from now.

The Costa Azul Collection sold out within minutes of the announcement via instagram. Every item gone. The collection was extra splashy inspired by the blue coast line. It was amazing to see it happen in real time. Since the launch of the brand the support has been unreal!
Even the collaborations are fire! The DetaleNYC x Hizelle4Prez collaboration is everywhere! The Dessert Camo bucket hat basically goes with every outfit. The neutral tones between the khaki, brown and light tan are a hit, then you mix the gold wing logo. 

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