I guess i rose from the trenches 
super star nigga killin shit like its senseless  
Never play the victim 
crossing over niggas like when mike played the sixers Different type of flex they can never ever bench us 
All them niggas just a facade i beat the odds 
Life is gamble gotta know to play your cards 
everything’s a win its even lessons in the loss 
And you gotta be a beast when this shit is getting hard
Gotta go through shit like this to spit like this 
Gotta have some type of fly just to live like this 
Gotta thank the most high could’ve dipped that quick
And this music the reason why ima flip that shit
Cuz this is much more that rap its black entrepreneur Clothing music and movies come to conquer it all 
Detale 80 mil in like 18 months you could bullshit with rap if you want MF Come On 

Im the one i need a grammy do this here for granny 
Never tell em what i do cuz they just don’t understand me 
I just show and prove win or lose im the dude 
Plotting every single move keep it low play it cool yea 
Cuz I call it master class but i never finished school 
Handling my business never play me for a fool 
Plus trump is president so its evident that having your own shit is a blessing man i swear its heaven sent
If you working on a passion you will never work again 
I just keep my promise till the mothafuckin end 
Its ironic when i leave be the most iconic with the most rings ran game like im sonic 
Slapz records knockin say they got hits tell them other boys stop 
Yea they can’t stop this real dope shit got em hooked like the rock it 
Vibe tapes duece got it poppin like a rocket 
Dealer not the user, niggas see me and get inspired like they juiced up Really lit a fuse bruh, game got you used up 
Night and day niggas man i swear it aint fair 
 Here today gone tomorrow im just glad i took the stairs

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