HG - Sauce Sold Separately

Sauce Sold Separately 

Its the smooth cat criminal flyest ever im cynical
Killin all these niggas I ain’t speaking subliminals
All these niggas talkin about the shit that they finna do 
Im living that shit my nigga you just a lil dude
Masterclass Detale 100 mil in revenue
Slapz records tik tok its on another level oh
Im just getting started the flow on stupid retarted 
If I want it then i got it you in the way you a body uh
I took a look at the competition im not impressed 
So when i send shot nigga mothafuck a vest headshots put the bullshit you talk to rest
You think you fuckin with the kid nigga im the best

So if you coming for the throne betta come correct
Cuz I ain’t tolerating no type of disrespect 
I tried to let these niggas live now im snappin necks
Cuz i was only chasing money focused on the checks 
But if you want my attention oh well you got it bitch 
I done seen all that shit you think you fucking slick  
2020 all these niggas praising sucka shit 
But the real is back you betta get a grip

Got these women mad at me cuz i don’t spend time 
But you can go ahead baby ima be fine
A billion only comes around one time
And ima chase that shit until i expire
What nigga really need is a fuckin dime
So why the fuck would I ever settle for a nine 
Plus im young and handsome shorty betta get in line 
Need a shorty thats gon understand whats on my mind
When the nights get cold and when im on the grind
Are you down for the ride or is you gonna slide
What do you bring to the table do you match my fly
Need to know right now so we get it right


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