MCNYC Summer Essentials 2020

We're back with the new 2020 Summer Essentials list, this time we're keeping it as simple as possible as we know most of you are still quarantined at home. So we have a few essentials for when you're at home and for the time when you decide to pop out for that safe post quarantine link up, We got it all.

The first and most important essential is a n-95 face mask and purell hand sanitizer can't go anywhere without it.

We've been keeping it real casual during this quarantine a lot of these are essentials for chilling in the house or making those quick store-runs.

1. DETALE "TVT 2" Rolls Royce Merch Tee 2. DETALE "TVT 2" Ferrari Merch Tee

Just like the t-shirts we're keeping it real simple with the shorts

1. GAP Vintage "7 Shorts $18.00  2. Mitchell & Ness Vintage NBA Shorts $125.00

1. DETALE NYC Bucket Hat 2. DETALE "DETALE Racing" Dad Hat

This year is the year of the lows, I think if it wasn't for this quarantine we would've seen an influx of low top sneakers making a comeback. Especially with TRAVIS SCOTT releasing his Jordan collaboration in high and low and the Ben & Jerry SB Dunks.


Now to the fun stuff, THE MUSIC, this is the time to perfect your playlist. Here at MasterClassNYC, we have multiple playlists to get you going! We have our "Quarantine & Chill" playlist when you want to get in the zone with your bae & we have the "Who Want Smoke" playlist when you're ready to go OFF and our "Live From The Coastline Playlist" updated weekly with all the latest hits! Slapz Records just dropped the hottest mixtape of the year with "The Vibe Tapes Vol. II" take your pick and vibe out! 

This is also a great time to brush up on your reading, two books we highly recommend is "Hurricanes" by Rick Ross and "The Spook Who Sat By The Door" by Sam Greenlee. 

If you're not reading you definitely should be watching movies! Here's our top 5
1. Coming To America
2. Avengers End Game 
3. Black Panther Documentary
4. Space Jam
5. Fade To Black

Get you an unlocked fire stick!