My Thoughts "The Bigger Conversation" Self Love

You know what I loved about Muhammad Ali, it wasn't that he was a world-class athlete or world champion or motivational speaker. I loved the fact that he didn't let anything or anyone stop what he wanted to do. Yes there is racism, yes there is hate but so what I'm still going to do what I want to do no matter what. That kind of confidence is dangerous to society because it is contagious and can change the whole world. That's why they kill off everyone who exerts that type of confidence.

There is a bigger and deeper conversation that has to be had about the effects and results of racism and oppression. The mental aspect of it, the trauma, what it's done to the self-confidence and self-esteem, the lack of self-love. There is a lot of insecurities being masked as a result of the racism in society. People already have built these preconceived ideas of who this person or people are, which in-turn has shapes their everyday life experiences. The reason why I bring up Muhammad Ali and countless other people who have exhibited the highest level of self-confidence and self love is because that's where it starts with me.

If I'm not confident that I can get through any situation regardless of circumstances then that can fuck with my mind completely, but it's all in my mind. I think there needs to be a re-building of what it means to black in this society and have self-love and also the power that comes with that. We are the original man & woman. Before there was any other race there were black people, but I believe that the marketing, racism, classism and all the different forms of oppression have lead to people feeling like their inferior, which in turn leads to people's experiences in life, which in turn lead to the frustrations we've been experiencing for so long. I'm guilty of it too sometimes I don't feel my best, that's when I turn to people that inspire me. They serve as a reminder that with the utmost confidence and thoughts of I can do this shit! I am fly, nobody fucking with me can solve any problem that I go through (even if I don't believe it at the moment). This all starts from within, once you get right within the world will follow and you can't let anyone shake you off your square. I'm ready to have a bigger conversation when that time comes.

Also, try to keep your energy balanced a lot of this shit can get overwhelming, if you feel yourself getting too depressed log-off, everything will still be there when you get back. We've faced so many different things in just these 5 months everyone needs a break from time to time. Take a deep breath and try to relax. Throw on some music, read a book, watch a movie to decompress. Also, it's not a race to see who's more active, however, can contribute to what's going on is good too. Even if it's just thinking positively towards the situation that's good too. Have that deeper conversation with yourself make sure you're good. Can't help nobody if you can't help yourself first.

I'm just trying to uplift my people, it's fucking hard but whatever is it you can do it regardless of circumstances. Fuck EM! Don't let anything stop you from succeeding. Like Malcolm said true Equality is the opportunity to develop all of our dormant potential & capability. Let's go get it!