For the first time in a decade SpaceX along with NASA are attempting to launch 2 astronauts into orbit. An amazing feat for a company started in 2002 by Elon Musk. Before this flight, SpaceX has had many successful missions, never with human beings. On March 6 2020 SpaceX successfully launched a cargo mission sending fresh supplies to NASA's International Space Station. This mission would be monumental, not only for SpaceX but for the commercial aeronautics market. It's also amazing to see the technological advances that have been done to the space ship, with a whole new cockpit and center console. After all here at MasterClassNYC, we love the fly shit, literally. Although the mission didn't go as planned to today, the next launch window is Saturday, May 30th, we'll see how it goes!
Check Out The  Full Launch www.youtube.com/spacex