My Thoughts "The Last Dance" Documentary

Yesterday was the last episode of what has been the best documentary I've ever seen! The 10 part series documenting the last year of the Michael Jordan Bulls. This documentary has been a rollercoaster of emotions but in all, I've never felt more inspired in my life! Wow, how they mixed 1998 with the past and started from the beginning! Covering all bases from the MJ's rookie year until his final shot in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. A step by step manual on how to achieve greatness! Everything from the emotions, to the day to day struggles, the high's & the low, this documentary showed it all! I was at the edge of my seat every episode. But what made this documentary special for me was Twitter, the memes, and how the past correlates with present day. You can take lessons on how to defy adversity, hard work, how to relentlessly pursue and perfect your craft to the highest level. Being so consistent & meticulous with the details, that's what separates good from great! How to handle success when you attain it is also a very important lesson I learned from watching this movie. This documentary had it ALL! I'm going to rewatch it every time I need that boost of inspiration! Time to get to work! Enjoy
This is the definitive documentary, I'm going to stop saying documentary this is the definitive movie on one of the greatest sports figures ever! But what I loved about the last dance is that it was so 90's from the swagger to the cars, the style, and most importantly the music! The music was amazing! Curated perfectly to set the tone perfectly for each moment.
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