My Thoughts "IT'S TIME"

First I want to say Rest In Power to all the BLACK lives lost in the struggle against racism, classism or any form of oppression.

My mood is heavy, but my vision is clear, we need a course of action because the old way isn't or never worked, to begin with. See I marched for Eric garner back in 2014 and what surprised me wasn't how many people turned out to the march, but the way the march ended. It ended with nothing; yea nothing at all, at the end of the march route everyone just dispersed and went about their business. Since then countless black lives have been lost to the same police brutality that took Eric Garner's life and no action has been done to either the police or the people in charge. See what's happening now has been going on since before I can remember, every generation has been affected by some form of injustice.

The looting and rioting are a byproduct of the frustration the oppressed people have been feeling for so I'm not against it at all. Don't get it twisted either some people are not marching for a purpose but to incite riots and start the bullshit, but that's neither here nor there. My question is what happens after the rioting and looting are done? Where do we go from there because I don't want to see shit burn for the sake of just burning? Some people say that a solution is not for us to determine but for the oppressor to realize his wrongdoings and make it right. I don't think that's the right way to go about it.

I am using all my platforms and resources to spread the message of coming together and changing it from within. WE GOTTA INFILTRATE the system and rebuild it! Get the right information and spread to as many people as possible. If you're a wealthy person of color, invest in ya people, come together and buy your block back. Start more black-owned businesses, black spending power is over 3.2 TRILLION dollars. If we stop buying from them and start buying from our own, eventually we'll have enough wealthy people to not depend on others to make the changes we need to see done.
I'm just speaking from an optimist standpoint. We are just as powerful as the oppressors, it's time to show that. Like 2pac said you starve people enough eventually they'll come busting through the door! It's time! It's time to come from under the fist of the oppressors, no more fear! All these black people in power posting heartfelt messages, I see you but I don't feel you, start taking a course of action. The people are the ones who got you that status, starting helping them for a change or you'll be next in line at their frustrations. It's time to mobilize and re-organize and put pressure on those people to make the changes!