So This Is My First Post...Im New To This Blog Shit...But I Got A Promise To Keep This Shit 100...And Make This The Hardest Blog On The Fuckin Net...Im Fly....So There For My Blog Gotta Be Fly. Sit Back Relax Read Up On All This Fly Shit And When You Done I Garantee You'll Be Floatin In The Sky...
So Im Currently On College Vacation Not Doin Nothin In Perticular. So I Decided To Start This Blog For The Undiscovered. By That I Mean For People That Take Pride In Originality, Being The First At Everythin. Also In The Undiscovered Potential That You Don't Even Know You Have Inside. I Also Did To Vent, and Talk About Different Things. And For The Fuckin Haters Cuz Lord Knows I Got Alot Of Them. I Like To Thank My Big Cousin Eno For Givin Me The Idea And Inspiration. Shout Out To My Fuckin Family In 09

-JusCapitalH 2009


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