Back at it again like golden state with the win
Ringing back 2 back summers we back to do it again
Middle fingers to these niggas man all they do is pretend
And my shorty eyes chinky she been puffin on the yen
Ima a stand out nigga wasnt really meant to blend
Ima straight shot killa putting all this to an end
Lemme get to the top spot damn im tired of playin games
Told you on the last joint that we ain’t fuckin wit no lames
Got this shorty on my comments said she wanna gimme brain
I be really tryna chill but my life is just insane
Lemme slow it down for ya not get caught up in my fame
If I lose it all tonight I’m the only one to blame
Fuck that ima turn up let it burn up
Sliding down that money moutain you can call me joker
And she said she bout it bout it wanted me to choke her
She be hanging out to chop her like my name was sosa

Swaggin and drippin with big homie thats running loui
Shoutout to my nigga pashe you know everything gucci
Champagne while I throw on the lastest in dapper dan
When I say the flyest ever I don’t think you understand
If a bitch start trippin ima send her to her man
Only focused on the bag she ain’t even in the plans
Niggas choppin up the deals only get 100 grand
I get steven on the line he be talkin bout them Ms
You aint really setting trends you just doing what the most do
Niggas know I’m stamped I be flyer than a postal
Really flying out passport by coastal
Toes in the sans on the top where I’m suppose to

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