Daniel Arsham Presents: LUNAR GARDEN

If you've been following this website you know that Daniel Arsham is one of our favorite artist! We already broke down why he's our favorite and if you don't know isn't it evident! The aesthetics are just amazing to say the least! So when he announced that he was having his only exhibition in NYC this year we had to go check it out! And wow it more amazing than ever! Future relic was a monster exhibition, this one was more chill, Located in the Cadillac house which is a vibe in itself the exhibition was more toned down, all the way down a ZEN garden.

“After spending many years traveling to Japan, I became fascinated with the dry gardens in Kyoto — specifically the way in which the gardens are permanent yet completely ephemeral and remade every day,” Arsham elaborated on the theme of temporality. “The gardens, the position of the rocks, and the raking of the sand have occurred for hundreds of years, unchanged, every single day. These spaces, although they feel like they are in the present moment for us, essentially cross time.”

Check it out for yourself from September 5- November 5th
The Gallery at Cadillac House
330 Hudson Street
New York City

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