Self Growth

I'm a super creative, you can't bound or define me to just one thing. I create whatever I'm passionate about and hopefully people connect to it, like they have been doing. Music is just one thing, clothing is another, art, photography these are all the things I'm passionate about. If I want to create something new I can! I have the freedom right now to do whatever I want and be successful at it. That's the message I try to spread do everything you want to do, and do it now! Don't wait on anyone or anything, will it into existence.

That's a bold statement to say...

Even in Hip Hop, I rap about Fly Shit, bossing up and being dope and real shit. Or at least I try to balance it out because not everyday is fly! But I will never make a conscious decision to only rap about ratchet shit! Or anything that's going to negatively affect my people. I'm making that shit cool again. Not saying that I don't rock out to the bullshit because I do but I think mainstream Hip Hop needs a balance of it. Kendrick, Meek, Hov did a great job of it but I don't really relate to that. Kanye lost his mind, Hov matured, Puff doing puff shit so Ima pick up where they left off. I'm On that extra fly good for your soul shit! That's what I Got It From Here all about.

Before I was living and being cautious of what other people thought of me. Not saying everybody just people who I thought were important and had my best interest at heart. But now I don't give a fuck I'm living and doing everything for me! I'm a good person at heart so I'll never make a decision to jeopardize that. But I can't worry about what the world thinks of me, I'll never live my life to the fullest if I do. I just don't have the energy or the desire to do so. Especially with somebody so close to me betraying me the way they did. That was the last straw for a lot of things. I used be afraid of what happens if I let somebody go and stop caring about them completely, but now it's you go your way I go mine, and if God has it that we reconnect sometime in the future we will, if not cool.


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