JAY-Z Interview

I KNOW by now everyone in the world has seen this interview and If you haven't then I want to put you ON to it because there's so many GEMS. Basically everything we're about here at MasterClassNYC, bossing up, become self sufficient, dealing with adversity growing and becoming a better person. I've been preaching that mainly because I feel like it's the way to true happiness. If you don't listen to me listen to someone who continues to personify Black Excellence.So sit back listen and get inspired and I would love to have a conversation about this interview. I'll do one of these sooner or later I have to live A LOT of bit more before I do, In due time.
I just wish all the OGs in the game did more to help out talented kids like me man, I'm not saying put me on or anything but just a conversation, some mentorship or tutelage would go a VERY long way. I'm the talented inspired kids ya'll talking to! I take every word and knowledge and try to apply to my life! I'm independent because Roc-A-Fella had to build from the ground up when they started! I'm building a platform because I saw how Puff built his! I got a clothing line because of Roc-A-Wear, because of Sean John and others Like Kanye. I want to take what ya'll did and elevate it to the next level the right way! I just wish I had some type of connection to reach out speak to you directly because I have a lot of influence thru my platform and I want to spread the message of BOSSING up and building the right way to the MASSES! Plus I'm the FLYEST of my era and I feel like I'm the best most versatile creative right now! GREATNESS should always fuck with GREATESS young and OG!

Pt. II

These footnotes are also amazing, in my opinion better than the actual project because it offers an insight to not only the music but an interpretation of the music from different perspectives, it made me appreciate the project as whole even more!

Footnotes for Story OF O.J.

Footnotes for 4:44

Footnotes For Kill JAY-Z

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