H.G. - Get Fly (Official Video)

Fly people back in style, and this the ANTHEM!!!! and while we're at it time to RESTORE order in the CITY, check out the official video for "Get Fly!"

This Video Got So Much Meaning, Ima Break It Down Real Quick
Shooting Outside The City Signifies That Us Against The Establishment Mentality
Wearing All Black Cuz We Bodying Everything
The Running In The Video Signifies Running Away From The Problems & Vices
The Breakdown In The Video Is All My Vices & Temptations (Money, Bright Lights, Women, The Game)
And To Be Continued Means Do I Succumb To My Problems And Vices Or Do I Escape, You Gotta Stay Tuned!
...Its Art So You Can Interpret It However You Want! #GETFLY 

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  1. DOPEEEEE!!!! 🔥

  2. Was that pharrell, daniel Arsham, fabolous, biggs & emory jones I seen in video! Wow great song & visual felt like a movie!

    1. Haaa You Have A Good Eye! I Tried To Make It Subtle But You Caught On! Thanks


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