Been Reading People's Reactions All Morning And I Felt Somewhat The Same Way, Then I Had To Snap Out Of It. People Are Doing Exactly What The Media & "The People That Control This Country Want Them To Do" They Want You To Feel Angry, Broken, Sad, Confused and Hopeless Honestly When Haven't They Not?! Now Its Really Just Out In The Open. I'm Not Saying Be Oblivious To The Problems Of This Country Or World, But To Be More Mindful Of Your Power. This Is Actually This Is Best To Time Stand Victorious. Not Because Donald Chump Won But Because This Is A New Opportunity To Become The Greatest Person You Can Be, This All Start With YOU! No One Or Nothing Should Be Able To Sway What YOU Do With YOUR LIFE. Fuck What Everybody Else Talking About What Are YOU Going To Do?!

We Have To Love The Ones Around Us And Support The Ones That Are Doing Something Positive! If It's One Thing Those Elections Continue To Show There Is Strength In Numbers! No One Will Truly Be Able To Oppress If We're All Succesful. It May Seem Like The Door Was Slammed Shut But The Time Is Now To Kick That Mothafucka Open And Remind Em That We Here! BOSS UP! RISE UP! Do Whatever You Need To Do But I Want To See US At The TOP!


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