M Magazine Presents The BOSS Issue

What's the overall goal for MasterClassNYC?

"The goal to surpass the million $ mark!"

That's at the top of the list! Also to become a staple in culture! Set new trends in style, #1 records in music & establish a subscription base magazine with a global reach! Inspire my generation and the next to be passionate about something, to become the next leaders, the next greats, anything is possible if you work hard, have positive energy and believe in yourself & the ones around you!

MasterClassNYC Presents The Boss Issue Featuring:
Boss Talk HG Story by Daniel White
Bosses Only

When we created The Boss Issue it was to keep us INSPIRED & MOTIVATED it wasn't meant to be shared with the world, but it turned out to be something super special! So here it goes! Hopefully it lights the fire you need to succeed! See you at the TOP!

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