Daniel Arsham: Circa 2345

I've admired Daniel Arsham's art for a long time now, and when I decided on the concept & look for XXV to Life his work was the only art that came to mind. It fit the concept perfectly, XXV to Life a post apocalyptic project made to sum up the modern day era through my eyes, and an artist who craft's sculptures made to look like post apocalyptic relics, perfect! But its the type of sculptures he produces that makes him a genius! I was intrigued by the urban & pop culture influences in his work, to sum it up he makes cool shit look even cooler!

Fast foward to a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure and honor of meeting him and checking out the new exhibition at Galerie Perrotin in New York. To say I was amazed would be the least, I was blown away! Pure genius! The details are what impressed me the most!

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  1. Daniel Arsham is the best contemporary artist of our generation! Amazing post


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