Black Excellence.

An Excerpt From MasterClassNYC Presents: The ART Issue
With everything that is going on in the world I just wanted to remind my people who we are! We ARE Magic, We ARE EXCELLENCE Personified don't ever forget it.


2 Verse.

Man it's hard being black in America
Imagine living in a place where they scared of ya
Cuz it ain't all about the money its bout the character
and everyday we just fight to survive uh
We just fight to survive, its a war going on outside just stay inside
Cuz I never trust the media, lies and wikipedia
See it for myself the knowledge that they depleting ya
If you ain't got the education they defeating ya
The only way to make it on it to get even bruh!
We gotta lead ourselves, police ourselves, empower ourselves, support ourselves to make it out the cells
Instead of making dope sales, make the clothe sale
If you can't make the clothes sell, make the record sales
Know they wanna see you fail but they won't prevail
Cuz we on a different path on a different scale!

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