First and foremost let me say if you're reading this, I FUCKS with you! Ha I know by now you've seen that clip up there so you know's TIME! Time for new energy, new vibes, new levels of greatness, new inspiration! I'm NOT dropping a mixtape that's such a rapper thing to say, I'm dropping a collection of vibes on Christmas called "XXV To Life" but you can call it a gift!

I could tell you how the journey started 4 years ago at club mansion in Miami and blah blah blah, I much rather show you. So from now until Christmas I'll be dropping different clips showing you the inspiration behind some of the records, that way when you LISTEN to it you'll FEEL the vibe we was on!

With everything I do, I wanted to make something dope for US to vibe to, relate to, get fly to, party to, listen to while you chilling with lady or your homies, get high to, get inspired by, even hate on & get motivated by! All I'm saying is get ready cuz it's gonna be a dope ride!


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